911 Trail Location System

Through coordination between the regional 911 Offices, Police, and parks and local greenways organizations the Mid-South Greenways Alliance has created a unified, passive safety and security system. By viewing the signs, as they have “911” prominently displayed, users have an increased sense of safety and security, knowing that help is a phone call away.

In order to determine the proper location for sign installation the Alliance has worked the documented reports of past accidents and included input from many members of the mountain biking and road cycling communities, and the running community.

No one wants an accident to occur but in the event one does we expect this system will ensure the safety and care of anyone involved. The system also has the intangible effect of creating a sense of safety, thereby inviting more users.

As a neutral convener of parks and open space organizations throughout the region, Mid South Greenways is coordinating the efforts of multiple organizations for this project, including but not limited to Shelby County 911, Shelby Farms Park, City of Germantown, City of Memphis, Greater Memphis Greenline, and others.

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