Agricenter Sunflower Trail

AI-lowres001Completed in August 2017, the Agricenter Sunflower Trail connects Shelby Farms to the Agricenter and showcases the agricultural character of the region. The trail leads to the Farmer’s Market at the Agricenter which is a cultural resource and historic site, as it is the original 1930s dairy barn from the penal farm. The paving of the trail uses regionally-accepted criteria for linking the network of greenspaces.

The vision for this trail started when Agricenter was built in 1985 and the intension was to pave it to completion. The gravel road bed and desire lines are evidence of current community use.  By enhancing the partially graveled road bed and the desire lines that constitute this unpaved section of trail, we will encourage users of all ages and abilities. In addition, with better access to the trail through installation of bollards through the fully funded IOBY campaign, we anticipate seeing more use of the trail.

Sunflower Trail