Citizen’s Guide to Improving Your Park

Livable Memphis’s “Citizen’s Guide to Improving Your Park” is a how-to manual for residents who want to make positive change in their neighborhood park. The guide includes demystifying the Division of Parks and Neighborhoods, navigating various types of park improvement projects and tips for building a strong team to help accomplish goals. The guide is easy to use and packed with valuable information – like prices for approved park furniture, how to plan an event to activate your park, and ideas for park improvement projects. The guide outline parks projects by category – from Fix-Up/Clean-up to Quick Fixes & Stop-Gap Measures to Adding New Features.

0001Download the guide here:

As research for this Guide, the Williamson Park Mini-Master Planning process included robust community engagement. Livable Memphis collected 47 survey responses using the Mobile Front Porch at the annual neighborhood picnic, paper distribution to neighbors, and distribution via the neighborhood newsletter. 25 participants attended a community-wide planning charrette. There were also multiple planning meeting with a group of 8 neighborhood committee members.

The goal is for the Guide to be a broadly distributed resource for residents who want to improve their park. As we work toward that goal with partners, we expect the following outcomes. With Livable Memphis technical assistance, the Guide will be used by Community Development partners working with residents in 3 of our member neighborhoods in the next 3 years. We expect the guide to be translated in Spanish for greater accessibility. We expect 60 copies to be distributed by us (or our partners) per year.