Memphis 3.0

Memphis 3.0 is a detailed process lasting two years that will produce a comprehensive plan. Many cities have these plans and use them to guide growth and change. Memphis 3.0 will set a vision for the city and develop recommendations related to land use, transportation, neighborhood development, parks and environment, economic growth, housing, and other major issues. Broadly speaking, the steps are to 1) identify issues; 2) state goals; 3) collect data; 4) assess current and future conditions; 5) create implementation plans; 6) evaluate alternatives; 7) adopt the plan; 8) begin actions to carry out the plan; and 9) monitor the plan and report to the public.

The Office of Comprehensive Planning is the lead agency completing the plan. The Office has two main community involvement partners – BLDG Memphis and Urban Art Commission. The Office is working with several other agencies with existing networks to inform and guide the plan. In support of the process, working groups, made up of representatives from government, nonprofits, and the private sector, have been set up to provide technical expertise as the public shapes the plan.

Memphis 3.0 has a robust community engagement process. The process started with 14 rallies across the city of Memphis and has continued with large-scale meetings, neighborhood association meetings, stakeholder interviews, table-top events, presentations, online interactions, and round table discussions. The Office has also elevated engagement to include specific tactics to reach non-English speakers, focus groups around the pillars of the plan, and engagement opportunities in unconventional locations.

By the time that Memphis celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2019 and enters its third century, our city will have a plan for great neighborhoods, opportunity for all, high quality of life, walkable/bikable communities connected by effective transportation options, smart use of our land, strong connections between places and people, and more. Memphis 3.0 will be the city’s guide for policies, investments, and decisions for years to come.