Mapping and Data Resources

Additional Web-Based Mapping Tools

OnTheMap Tool: Use this GIS mapping tool, provided by the US Census Bureau, to conduct analysis on travel patterns and employment data.

H+T Affordability Index: Use this map-based analysis tool, developed by Center for Neighborhood Technology, to analyze housing and transportation costs.

CPD Maps: Use this GIS mapping tool, developed by US Department of Housing and Urban Development,  to analyze selected data related to demographics, housing, economic development, and transportation.

My WATERS Mapper: This GIS mapping tool enables the user to access EPA data from programs such as the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey and water quality assessments. Users can quickly and easy explore the water quality of streams, rivers and lakes at the local and state levels.

Food Access Research Atlas: This GIS mapping tool, developed by the USDA, maps food deserts and access to healthy and affordable foods.

Fair Housing Equity Analysis: This GIS mapping tool, developed by HUD, supports Regional Planning Grantees with their Fair Housing and Equity Assessment.  This tool contains data on race, ethnicity, poverty, housing vouchers, school proficiency, job access, labor market engagement, health hazards, and more.

Cleanups in My Community: Developed by EPA, Cleanups in My Community maps and lists areas where pollution is being or has been cleaned up throughout the United States. EPA’s MyEnvironment is a dashboard featuring MyMaps, MyAir, MyWater, MyEnergy, MyHealth and MyLand and access to MyEnvironmentalReports. It provides immediate access to a cross-section of environmental data for any geographical location in the United States.

BISON: This mapping tool, developed by USGS, stands for  “Biodiversity Information Serving our Nation”.  This tool is a resource for georeferenced data on species occurrences across the U.S.

Conservation Planning Atlas: This tool includes data layers specifically curated to be most useful/up-to-date for conservation planning purposes in our region.


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