Crosstown Greenline Connector

Greenprint Connector design report E1_Page_15The Crosstown Development Project is transforming the long abandoned, 1.5 millions square foot former Sears, Roebuck, & Co. Distribution Center into a vertical urban village anchored by eight tenants in arts, education, and healthcare. A key component of the Crosstown Development Project is the 19-acre site that will be developed to connect the historic structure and its many future amenities and resources to the broader Crosstown and Midtown communities. Central to the site place is multiple green spaces that will provide the surrounding neighborhoods with opportunities for wellness, gardening, sports, and leisure. With the help of the Greenline Connector, the project hopes to interconnect these areas with each other and the surrounding community, by extending our neighborhood asset, the V&E Greenline into the Sears Crosstown site.

The vision for the Crosstown Greenline Connector is to extend the V&E Greenline for its current terminus, across both the abandoned railroad bridge and the intersection at N. Parkway and N. Watkins, and through the Crosstown Development Project site to Claybrook. By doing so, the project safely connects and welcomes the surrounding neighborhoods to the resources available in the newly renovated Sears building, including an art gallery, a charter public high school, and a wellness center that provides healthcare for the working uninsured.

Goals for the project were to create a design for the Crosstown Greenline connector that:

  1. Safely extends the V&E Greenline across both the abandoned N. Parkway railroad bridge and the N. Watkins intersection, and through the Crosstown site to Claybrook
  2. Takes into consideration neighborhood and community input
  3. Is economically achievable
  4. Provides a basic foundation to allow more design and amenities to be added on overtime

In addition to accomplishing the design for the Greenline extension, the team was able to accomplish a great deal of due diligence on the bridge over N. Parkway, including structural assessment and issues related to ownership and TDOT oversight. The design team created two concepts for the reconfiguration of the N. Watkins/N. Parkway intersection, which will be used in the city’s signalization upgrade of that intersection to get bikes and pedestrians to Crosstown more safely.