Friendship Park Master Plan

Friendship Park was born out of the experience of neighborly love between the Memphis Islamic Center and Heartsong Church. These two entities wanted to create opportunities for building friendships based on mutual understanding and respect between people of all races, cultures and faiths, and this park has been designed to be the metaphor for this ambition. This project is an eight (8) acre site which will serve as a community, regional and world-wide monument to friendship. This park will be the platform for making and celebrating friendships, a launching pad for new cultural experiences, forging safer communities and making more joyful places for people to interact, as well as revolutionizing the way people play.

The park’s eight acres is divided into two separate four (4) acre tracts of land and separated by a major road (Humphreys Road). One of the major goals for this project is for the park to be designed as a whole. This is another metaphor, being that the property is located on the north and south sides of Humphreys Road. By the public road dividing the park into two different sites, gives the sense of being separate (like many times our communities are perceived) the design of this park has clearly achieved unity and is illustrated as one park. This park as designed will bring together people of different races, cultures and faiths and make them neighbors on a world stage – “Friendship Park.”

This project is the development of a Site Master Plan for Friendship Park which is the beginning of a revolutionary change in the way people will play and interact in the future. The park boasts sustainability, nature and cultural exchange by way of play, connectivity, and education. The use of technology is a key ingredient in changing play, interaction and connecting people of all walks of life, no matter where they may be in the world. The park has at it’s core friendship, recreation, connectivity and social understanding. These elements are the foundation and building blocks of any relationship.