Hampline Tillman Green Lane Design

Binghampton Development Corporation conducted a subplanning demonstration project to complete Phase 2 of the Overton Broad Connection-Tillman Street Green Lane project, known as the Hampline.  BDC worked in collaboration with Livable Memphis and the Historic Broad Business Association to complete Phase 2, development of complete construction and engineering documents for the Hampline.  The demonstration project allowed for the completion of construction documents in order to have implementation of the project ready for bidding.

The Hampline will be a best in class, full-scale green lane connecting Shelby Farms Greenline to Overton Park.  The Connector is a two mile gap in the region’s bicycle network that will ultimately link the eastern boundaries of Shelby County to Crittenden County.  The goal is to demonstrate best practices in bicycle facility design and provide all users with a seamless experience between the off-road Shelby Farms Greenline and trail system within Overton Park.  This project will expand green space in an urban neighborhood, increase ridership, and improve the quality of life for the community.

The final product is engineering plans and construction documents for the full-build cycle track along Tillman Street.  This includes a design of separator islands, bulbouts, streetscape, rain gardens, crosswalks, signal modifications and plans, parking locations, and driveway closures.  Once Phase 2 is completed, the City of Memphis has committed funds required for build and implementation.