V&E Greenline Entrance and Street Crossing Plan

V&E GREENLINE ENTRANCE AND STREET CROSSING PLAN_Page_04The V&E Greenline Entrance and Street Crossing Plan project involves planning and detailed design for the entrances to the V&E Greenline trail at nine street crossings. The V&E Greenline was founded in 1996 and the conversion of the abandoned rail bed to a community greenway took place over a period of time. However, work was never done at the entrances of cross streets, some of which to this day are difficult to enter because the impediments from the old railroad remain and proper entry points were never constructed.

The CSX Railroad abandoned the route of what is now the V&E Greenline in 1980 since it was no longer needed for their last remaining customer, the Sears Crosstown distribution center. Two years later CSX removed the rails, railroad ties, and two trestles. From 1980 to 1995 during CSX ownership the land was strewn with debris and dumping, litter, high weeds and illegal behavior. CSX installed an asphalt course on the sidewalks and street. This exists at present and makes trail access difficult for some individuals, and unsightly for all.

The V&E Greenline is community owned, managed, and funded. It depends upon a large volunteer base and contributions by users of the trail. It is open to everyone to use. The trail is a 1.8 mile long natural trail with a gravel/grassy walking path. It is surrounded by an urban forest and has an extensive tree canopy. It has two bridges, a stationhouse, several gardens, artwork, and many natural features and critters.

This project recommends improvements to the entrances at each of the nine at-grade roadway crossings along the V&E Greenline. From west to east along the 1.8 mile V&E Greenline, the street crossings are: Stonewall St, Avalon St, Tutwiler Ave/Dickinson St, Belvedere St, Evergreen St, Auburndale St, McLean Blvd, University St/Jackson Ave, and Springdale St.

At present, the V&E Greenline roadway crossings are in poor condition and do not meet ADA guidelines. Except for McLean Blvd and University St/Jackson Ave, there is no crosswalk striping at any of the roadway crossings. Except for McLean Blvd, there are no warning signs to alert motorists that they are approaching a V&E Greenline crossing. Adjacent to the V&E Greenline crossings, the sidewalks and curbs are in poor condition and in some cases nonexistent. There are also drainage problems at certain entrances.

The proposed improvements include concrete wheelchair ramps at each street crossing. The ramps are extra wide to facilitate easy crossing of the street. Adjacent to the ramps, the concrete curb and sidewalk will be rebuilt. Wood bollards and signs will be replaced with powder coated steel bollards and signs. These will be very durable and require little maintenance. The identification sign will incorporate the new V&E Greenline logo. Plastic trash barrels will be replaced with powder coated steel trash receptacles that will be compatible with other V&E Greenline elements. Drainage improvements will be made at Stonewall and other crossings as needed.