West Memphis Eco-Park and Environs Plan

The University of Memphis and City of West Memphis, Arkansas collaborated to develop the West Memphis Eco-Park plan and development plan for its environs.  The University of Memphis’ Department of City and Regional Planning Planning led a team of professors and students in cooperation with the West Memphis Department of Planning and Development.  Together they developed a master plan for an Eco-Park and interpretive trail system at the terminus of Harahan Bridge on the West Memphis side to complement the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge currently in development.  The Eco-Park includes an educational center, outdoor spaces, refuge for wildlife and will integrate agriculture uses into educational and recreational space through multi-functional agricultural and social farming exhibits.

Since the Harahan Bridge corridor will become the main pedestrian connector between Memphis and West Memphis this study area was chosen as a demonstration project to ensure that City of West Memphis is positioned to build on the opportunities created by the bridge.  The trails developed starting at the terminus of the Harahan Bridge on the West Memphis side will be planned to connect to areas of higher population densities and potential new development.

The University of Memphis conducted field investigations, interviews, public planning meetings, and charrettes, culminating in signature projects to implement along the trail system, illustrated in the graphic below.