Mid-South Greenprint Inc.

Mid-South Greenprint Inc. was formed in March 2018 and will serve as the regional organization spearheading implementation of the Mid-South Greenprint Plan.

Mission: Mid-South Greenprint, Inc. (MSGPi) will create new avenues for community revitalization, environmental protection, economic opportunity, and individual prosperity by developing the Mid-South Regional Greenprint Network of bicycle-and-pedestrian-friendly greenways and roadways, and their related amenities.

Vision: The Greater Memphis Area, also known as the Mid-South, will be a region of connected communities that are united in creating a high quality of life; a region where the physical and social environments are sustainable for future generations; and where all people can access abundant economic, social and natural opportunities.

Values: Mid-South Greenprint, Inc. will conduct itself and its activities in service to residents of the Mid-South, with:
• respect for existing communities;
• environmental responsibility;
• integrity;
• openness;
• AND dedication to the original vision of Greenprint 2015/2040;

Purpose: MSGPi will be organized, and at all times operated, to benefit and support a connected network of greenway trails, bicycle-pedestrian facilities, and green spaces, pursuant to the vision established in Greenprint 2015/2040.

• To serve as the premiere developer of greenway trails, and bicycle-pedestrian facilities in the Mid-South Region.
• To construct a bicycle-pedestrian network that connects communities across the Mid-South Region.
• To demonstrate, through physical development projects, the importance of community connectivity and accessibility to an improved quality of life for the region.
• To leverage place-based physical projects as a means for generating value and opportunity for residents and their communities.

The Mid-South Greenprint Inc. Board of Directors conducted its inaugural board meeting on the afternoon of May 23, 2018. The directors are (from left to right) Paul Young, Lauren Taylor, Marty Regan, Kelly Rayne, John Zeanah and Stewart Austin. Absent from the meeting was director Robin Smithwick. MSGPi was officially chartered in March 2018 and is tasked with implementing the vision and recommendations of the Mid-South Greenprint Plan.